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email marketing

full service email marketing

What if I want to do my email marketing on my own?

If you feel comfortable creating and sending out your own marketing emails, you can use MailSprite to do that too. Create HTML emails, send, track views all through your admin interface.

How much will it cost?

Setup is a one time fee based on your needs. There are no additional charges for each mailing, but there is a $100 per year fee for hosting the system if you do not already host with Vansant Creations.

What if I'd like some extra help here and there?

Vansant Creations is a full service marketing firm, and we're here any time you need anything. Whether you want help designing an email, advice for setup, or even help with search engine marketing or design we can help!

Vansant Creations can have your email campaign setup
in an running in 24 hours, even if you think you have no idea where to start.


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